With thanks to COVID-19 vaccines and proper mask-wearing, the ability to begin to gather safely at events is slowly rising. With the correct social distancing protocols and following the CDC’s advice, many small and large business owners are gearing up to hold their first events in a long while, and customers are excited too. It can be easy to get lost in the eagerness to stage your first public event in such a long time, with little details slipping away in the excitement to get the ball rolling once more.

Many mistakenly view event signage as one of the small details that aren’t considered crucial. However, you would be surprised at just how great essential signage is to and for your events. You no doubt want your event to not only stand out but be memorable as well. Whether it is a wedding, business conference, festival or fair, craft show, or more, we’re here to help you!

If you are wondering what signage you need at events, let’s take a look at some of these excellent ideas to get your guests’ interest and attention.

Emergency Signs

This type of signage should be mandatory as they are related to the safety and security of all your guests. If you’re holding your event within a building, indications of where the emergency exits are or any emergency evacuation plans must be correctly placed and visible at all times. Although almost any event venue aimed toward celebrations will undoubtedly have those in place, as an event planner, we should ensure that the signage is direct and clear, and easily spotted by all who attend.

This Way!

No matter which kind of event you’ll be holding, you need to guide your guests. If they cannot find your event, that will undoubtedly put a damper on their attendance. For directional signage, it is always best to consider uncluttered, straightforward, and concise directional signage. Don’t use too many images. The best way to ensure your guests can find you is to use the name of your event and a directional arrow pointing them in the direction you’d like them to go.

If possible, before you order your signage, visit the event venue or area where the event will take place to pre-plan where you’d like to place the signs. There are also other advantages of visiting the venue before holding your event, as you may want to consider additional signage for:

  • Where the parking is or where to park.
  • Where the restrooms are.
  • Where the entrance is, or a welcome sign.
  • Where guests should form lines.
  • Where food and drink vendors are.
  • Where different merchandise can be found.
  • Where electronic charging stations are.
  • Where tickets are or for registration packet pickups.
  • Where information, informational kiosks, or customer service may be.
  • Exit signage or a thank you for attending.

Letting your guests know exactly where to find you or how to find essential amenities and attractions at your event will help both your guests and your business handle the flow of people easier.

Name Your Space

At larger business conferences, job fairs, conventions, and other events where many vendors or attractions are offered, it is beneficial for you to have signage for each. Area signage can tell guests which area they may find a specific type of job, technology, food, entertainment, or other things they are looking for in a potential sea of booths, tables, or tents that may look the same.

Trade Show Essentials

When it comes to trade shows and your area, this is where you can get creative with your signage.

Wall Kits

Whether it’s a trade show, convention, art booth—walls have often been considered an excellent means to advertise your wares or brand, capture potential customer’s attention, and help increase sales. The overall design of a business’s booth can be the most significant part of interacting with guests. If set up efficiently, it can play an essential role in setting the first impression. There are a vast variety of options and sizes to choose from. For just a small example:

  • 3′ x 71″ EuroFit Evolution Incline Wall. This is a uniquely designed, eye-catching wall with a small center foot that features a vibrant dye-sublimated graphic cover. As it is double-sided, the graphic printed on the EuroFit Evolution Incline wall is visible from both the front and back and comes with a convenient tool-free frame for easy setup and tear down. The graphic cover slips over the frame like a pillowcase cover, and the structure itself is lightweight. Perfect for those that need to set up or tear down frequently without taking up a lot of space or effort.
  • 31.5″ Economy Retractor Kit. For a professional yet budget-friendly choice, the economy retractor kit may be the right solution. It comes with a sturdy double-footed base for exceptional stability yet is engineered with lightweight aluminum for ease. Hardware color choice is black or silver, and artwork is printed on Titan no-curl hybrid media to ensure the banner stays flat. The Economy Retractor Kit even comes with its own carry case.

Going Big

If you have more wriggle room in your budget and want to make a memorable impression, here are some fantastic signage ideas:

  • 10′ Bravo Expanding Display Kit, Single Sided. The Bravo is one of the most durable and dependable expanding display kits available on the market today and the perfect place to show off your brand, logo, and more. This large kit comes with a flip-lock clamping system that allows you to adjust the height, and push-button connectors on horizontal poles will enable you to adjust the width. Using the Bravo Expanding Display Kit, you have the chance to show stunning graphics with vivid, eye-catching colors.
  • For storage options, a countertop, and a popup display all at once, the CounterPop is a multifunctional must-have. Display artwork on dye-sublimated polyester knit with hook and loop fasteners for an easy install panel. Featuring a lightweight collapsible aluminum frame and MDF countertop with internal shelving, you can support up to 30lbs of everything you need to display.

Are you still not precisely sure what signage you need at your events? Why not feel free to reach out and contact us for a free consultation? Get expert advice from one of the leading design groups to help your event be the talk of the town.

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